INVESTORS: We were in the process of planning an IPO, and those plans have been canceled due to market conditions. We are a private company, please email us at "INVESTOR RELATIONS" at: for questions pertaining to private funding or franchising.

US Film & Foil, LLC. ESTABLISHED 2008

Stock Market Listing

QUOTES & SHIPPING: We no longer provide 45 day quotes, Quotes are valid for just 3 days now. LTL truck shipments are now 4 weeks out from confirmed payment of orders - We no longer ship within 4 - 7 days due to  supply chain employment issues within the system which is beyond our control. WILL CALL: PICK UPS ARE NOT ALLOWED DUE TO LIABILITY INSURANCE CLAUSES. CREDIT TERMS: We no longer offer net 90, credit histories are no longer used by Dun & Bradstreet. We now offer NET -0- days ( COD, verified check direct deposit, credit card ONLY )

Credit NET Terms:

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UPLOAD PICTURES:  If you wish to collaberate with other vendors, businesses, warehouses or for general marketing purposes,  please submit your pics of your orders ( full pallets, case orders, etc )  MUST include name,  contact phone # and city.  Email pics to: