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Our Mission:

Since 2008, we have offered easy-to-order and purchase - our manufactured pallet wraps and food disposable supplies to the public.  No memberships, no minimums, no distributor markups, no middle sales markups.We manufacture most of our products. We are here to help your business prosper. Our goals include always have the most effiencient & cost-effective options, along with the newest packaging technologies to continue saving you time, money and hassles. 

USF Plastics is a MANUFACTURER of Pallet Wraps to B2B customers here in the US and International. We own and operate 7 manufacturing /distributing plants in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and South America.  We are committed to the packaging industry and our success comes from our talented employees. We are privately held and are in the process of an IPO in 2024. We offer a great company culture that includes continued professional development, leadership development, advancement programs, and comprehensive employee benefits and a customized investment retirement package that can start /vested as soon as 5 years.